Get to Work

At the beginning of creation we have a picture of work.  What it can look like and some principles revolving around our engagement with it.

A Lesson from History

When we read Scripture it is important that we understand what we are reading.  In this message we look at 3 places that are mentioned in these chapters.  If we merely gloss over the location mentions we will miss the depth of the meaning.  Understanding more of the past gives us insight into who the […]

God’s Wisdom in the Church

There’s a spiritual realm out there that cannot be seen with our eyes or recognized by the other four senses.  But it is just as real as the physical realm that we live in.  God’s wisdom has been revealed to even this realm and the church is the mechanism by which God wants to reveal […]

I Am the Vine

Just hours before He died Jesus informed His disciples that He was the vine.  He would soon be physically absent from them, but they need to abide in Him to live out the Christian life.  Failing to be attached to Jesus, the vine, would yield fruitless lives.

Mary & Martha

The account of Mary and Martha is one that speaks well into our lives today.  Martha’s distracted serving cautions us against always being busy and making sure we serve with the right heart.  Mary’s sitting at Jesus’ feet calls us to slow down and make sure that we are diligent to spend time with God.

The Woman at the Well

Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well is quite groundbreaking.  Jesus revealed that He was the Christ to the woman at the well and she went and told everyone.  We too can learn from her example and go out and share the Good News with those around us.

God’s Purposes in Marriage

This message looks at God’s design regarding marriage, where it came from and what it should look like today.