Biblically speaking singing is a required part of worship.  There is a strong Old Testament basis for music and singing and songs were very much part of the worship service in the New Testament church as well.  We make it a priority to devote a significant amount of time to worshiping God in song in our worship services.  This is not the sum total of our worship, but is part of our offering to Him.

As we sing we offer songs that inform us of God’s character as well as communicate about the human condition.  Our music draws us into our corporate gathering as a community and provides the opportunity for us to express to God how Great He is.  We also surrender all that we have to him in song – our hurts, pains, struggles, sin – we surrender it all to Him and, in song, we acknowledge our utter dependence on Him. 

What does our music sound like?  Most often it is a full band, though occasionally it will be more of an acoustic set.  We intentionally keep the music at a decently loud level.  Why?  This helps encourage singing.  We love to sing and the music helps everyone feel free to lift up their voice in the manner God calls us to – loud (Psalm 66.8)!  The music also helps to communicate a sense of joy – the joy that we have in our salvation from sin, death, and the grave. 

We also encourage you to worship in the manner that is most authentic for you.  For some this is kneeling, others simply standing there, many will have their hands raised high, and some might even dance a little bit!  There are times when you will be called to stand, but we always encourage authentic spiritual worship in song.