Substitute List

At Cornerstone Kids we appreciate  the time and effort you put into sharing the love of Christ with our kids!  We understand that sometimes life happens and you may need to have someone take your scheduled time.  Please contact the following people for the locations and services listed.

  • Eldridge Sub List

    1st Service Children's Church:

    Lindsey Colson - or 563-549-0911

    Sunday School:

    Preschool - 6th Grades:

    Jake and Stacie Salowitz - 563-340-0026 (text or call)

    2-6th grades:

    Marv VanEe - or 563-528-9142

    Leslie Powell Skinner  - or 563-676-1308

    2nd Service Children's Church: 

    Kendra Ervin - or 563-210-5405

  • Dewitt Sub List


    Barb White - or 563-321-1748

    Christina Walls - or 309-236-0295 (cell) 

    563-659-5541 (home)

    Lora Nigh - 563-949-6459