Outreach Ministry

Local Outreach Ministries

Local Missions…to connect with those who are in need. 


Questions?  Contact the church office at office4cbc@gmail.com

God is at work with our local outreach ministries and ministry partners.  We encourage you to join us in sharing Jesus by meeting some of the spiritual and tangible needs of those around us.  You can do that by donating items or volunteering some of your time.  Discover how you can connect with each of these ministries in the drop down boxes below.  

Contact Pastor Paul for dates and times if you are willing to serve in the local Food Pantry.  

ServeFest is an bi-annual (spring and fall), church-wide opportunity to bless our community by participating in service projects all over the North Scott Area and the greater Quad Cities.  Signups for this event happen a few weeks prior to the scheduled event. 

This is an after school program for elementary school run by Sonshine Community Ministries.  Visit their website https://sonshinecommunityministries.com/

Visit their website at qcpregnancy.org

The mission of heartshot ministries is : “All patrons fall in love with archery and Jesus Christ or grow an already existing love of both.” Visit their website at  http://heartshot.org

Global Missions - Homegrown

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20

Eddie, Jamie and their children are currently serving in Granada Spain throught the Serge Organization.  Their goal is to reach people who do not have a good understanding of who God is.  You can sign up for their updates or join their support team by clicking below.  

Roman, Emily and their children are currently serving in Moldova to spread the gospel to different people groups in that area by church planting, pastoring a church, leading young adult discipleship relationships, and providing outreach relief to Ukranian refugees. 

Global Missions Partners

  • Connie Coy – CRU Organization
  • Ryan & Katie Jonas -Navigators
  • Ryan & Jessica Karp – Chosen People Ministries Organization to support ChosenPeople.com/ryank and in the special designation box or simply call 1(888)2-YESHUA .
  • Azlyn McCarthy – Sixth Degree Intitative Converge Organization
  • Nolan & Lanie McKenna – The Timothy Initiative
  • Rebekah Nigh – CRU Lifelines
  • Dr. Jose Reyna – Independently serving in Mexico
  • Drew & Sarah Robertson – Converge
  • Joel & Barb Wright – Reliant 

Short Term Mission Trips

We believe in providing opportunities to serve and share the gospel beyond the communities we live in.  To experience and witness life outside of the bubble we live in. That is why we partner with organizations both locally & globally to deepen our love for those that need Jesus.

We will be taking a team to Kenya to share the love of Jesus through our actions by providing food and supplies to those who desperately need it.

We will be taking a group of 22 adults, children, & teens to serve with our Advance Panama (AP) missionary partners in El Valle!  Our team will work alongside the Davis family and their AP team with a variety of community projects and sharing the gospel with those around us.

SOLID is partnering with Servant Life and Street Reach Ministries to serve the community of Memphis, TN. They will be serving in a low-income area ministering to children and families through backyard Bible Studies and service projects.

Our team is partnering with the El Monte organization.  We will be working along their team doing construction work at a ministry base camp area to help bring others to Jesus.