To successfully navigate this life, most would agree that help from others is invaluable. No one comes to Christ and grows as a disciple apart from the help and influences of others. We all have life experiences and gifts God has given us to share with and receive from others. In creating community (Body of Christ), God intends to grow us up to the measure of the fullness of Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit and the gifts He’s given to each of us in His Body. Different stages in life present unique challenges. Being and/or having a trusted mentor that is uniquely gifted to help in times of need is truly a blessing from God.  Cornerstone offers an ABF course called “Mentoring 101: How to Be a Blessing.” Discover the mentor in you and how to minister your gifts to others.

For more information please contact Bucky Percuoco or call the church office at 563-285-8080.