Adult bible Fellowship (ABF)

To develop mature Christ-like disciples through the study and application of God’s Word and to foster relationships among fellow believers.

Study, application, and relationships – these are three core components of Cornerstone’s Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF). As the ABF purpose statement reads, we strive “to develop mature Christ-like disciples through the study and application of God’s word and to foster relationships among fellow believers.” To better fulfill this purpose, the Discipleship Team met last spring and set a goal of expanding the number of ABF courses offered throughout the year to include courses that focus on the application of Christian living to our daily lives.

To accommodate this goal, the ABF calendar was organized into three separate terms that include summer, fall, and spring terms. 

The summer ABFs continues to be made up of “elective-style” options. 

The fall and spring ABFs still comprise of the traditional Old Testament and New Testament “Walk Through the Bible” classes. In addition to the OT and NT options, however, the fall and spring terms have been created to allow for the inclusion of short-term courses (eight to sixteen weeks) that focus on unique topics specific to the application of daily Christian-living.

A couple of the short-term courses have been offered and have received positive feedback. To continue building on this goal in the coming year, it will be imperative that that we seek and identify the various needs and interests of the church body so that we may further develop courses that support Christian growth through study, application, and relationships of the ABFs.

The schedules for each campus is below.  For more information about ABF contact Jeff Halterman or call the church office at 563-285-8080.

ABF Schedule - Eldridge

ABF Schedule - DeWitt