Marriage conference March 1 - 2, 2019

Friday 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Saturday 8:30 am - 4:30 PM

Who else wants a marriage that goes the distance? If you do, what are you doing to make sure that happens? Strong relationships are nurtured and cared for. We want to help you do just that at the upcoming No More Perfect Marriages seminar, taught by Mark and Jill Savage, authors of No More Perfect Marriages. Make your marriage a priority today by securing your spot. 

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Registration is only $ 50 per couple, and includes Friday night snacks, Saturday Breakfast and Catered Lunch.   

Space is limited. 

To secure your spot fill out the form to the left and make your payment directly below in the “online donation” box, ignoring the “No Registration Required” comment, as that refers to regular church giving.

When making your payment make sure to select "Marriage Conference 2019" on the  "To:"  reference line.  


There is a hotel block reserved at Quality Inn & Suites, Eldridge: (563-285-4600)  Please mention No More Perfect Marriages when reserving rooms by phone.


No on-site child care will be provided, but if you need sitter recommendations, please give the church office a call at


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Are you waiting until the barn’s on fire? That’s a phrase used in the insurance industry when people realize they needed insurance as soon as flames start flying. We do the same thing with our marriage. We think things are okay on auto-pilot, but then things get hard and we realize we should have been more intentional about taking care of our relationship. The good news is that you can make a decision to invest in your marriage today by signing up.  


FAQ's with Jill and Mark

Jill and Mark, how is this book/retreat different from other similar marriage content?   


First, our book and our teaching only exist because God turned broken into beautiful. We’re self-described as being married 34 years, 24 of them happily. We’re very honest about the good and the bad.

Second, our retreat is very much a “working” retreat for your marriage. We’ll teach for 45 minutes and then you’ll talk as a couple for 45 minutes. We teach, you’ll talk. This way you are truly working on your marriage and applying what you learn to your relationship.

Third, we focus on what we call the seven slow fades and the eight God-Tools.  The slow fades are where our hearts are pulled apart from each other in inches. Often unaware of this, we slowly move away from each other. We help you to identify the fades that are robbing your relationship of intimacy so you can recognize when they’re happening. But we also give you the tools to stop the fades! You return home equipped to handle the real stuff of marriage!


You’ve stated that marriage has never been easy for you two, can you elaborate on what that looked like, and the things that have really helped you two through that?

Marriage has been hard for us for many reasons. First, simply because of our own sin issues—selfishness, pride, control…you know…the ones we all struggle with. 

Second, because of our baggage. We all bring baggage into marriage from our family of origin, previous relationships, fears, expectations, and more. We’ve had plenty of “junk in the trunk” to dig through!

We’ve also experienced healing after infidelity. There is hope even in the worst of situations.

What helped us through those most was identifying the slow fades that were causing our foundation to crumble and learning to use our God-Tools to change the way we interacted with each other.


For those who might feel a marriage event like this is so out of their comfort zone, how would you encourage them to come out for this?

We want you to know that our goal is that you laugh while you learn!  Most people are uncomfortable with these kinds of events so we work to turn that discomfort on its head with both humor and honesty.  We love how this retreat attendee described it, This seminar doesn’t feel like a lecture, but more like a friendship. Mark and Jill are fantastic teachers and the skills they teach have saved our marriage. The best part is that they do it in a fun and entertaining way.”

We also give you some new ways to talk with each other. These skills help you have emotionally safe conversations at the conference but also when you return home.

There’s a reason 90% of couples indicate that a No More Perfect Marriages Retreat was a game-changer for their marriage. That represents couples who had a good marriage and just wanted to make it great and couples who had a hurting marriage and just wanted to find hope and help to get to a better place.  

We encourage you to come find out yourself why so many couples are experiencing something new in their marriage after attending a No More Perfect Marriages Retreat!

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