Walk the Call

God has called us to walk in a manner worthy of our calling in Him.  This requires us to walk in humility, gentleness, patience, and love while seeking unity in the body of Christ.  Many things fight to make us turn on each other, but God has called us to unity and peace.

Get to Work

At the beginning of creation we have a picture of work.  What it can look like and some principles revolving around our engagement with it.

A Godly Conclusion

God invited His people to return back to Him and wasn’t for nothing – He had planned to restore them.  The wise and discerning among us will walk in His ways and not lose sight of His faithful love towards us.

The Law of Returns

The seeds you sow in life will reap a harvest.  What that harvest is is dependent on what type of seed you sow.  When we sow bad seeds we will reap a harvest of consequences.  We would do well to stop and examine which types of seeds we are planting as these seeds will grow […]

A Lesson from Jacob

In the midst of the dark prophecies of judgment Hosea calls the Israelite people to repentance.  They had wandered for far too long and God’s cry through Hosea is for them to return.

A Lesson from History

When we read Scripture it is important that we understand what we are reading.  In this message we look at 3 places that are mentioned in these chapters.  If we merely gloss over the location mentions we will miss the depth of the meaning.  Understanding more of the past gives us insight into who the […]

Is God’s Law Good?

You are free to choose your actions.  You are not free to choose the consequences of your actions.  We, like the people of Hosea’s day, have violated God’s Law.  However, when we have placed our faith in Christ and His sacrifice then we need not fear God’s condemnation.

Temporary Repentance

When we get busted for our wrongs or become convicted of sin we give ourselves a speech – “I’m really gonna change my life this time.”  As Hosea 4.3 says – Let us press on to know Him!  This is a great start, but we need to have full repentance and complete life change.

Guilty of Not Knowing God

In a court of law would you be found guilty of knowing God or not knowing God?  In Hosea 4 God takes the Israelites to court to determine whether or not they actually knew who He was/is.  It was determined that they were guilty of not knowing Him.

The Extravagant Love of God

Gomer’s return to prostitution is symbolic of Israel’s turning to false gods.  Just as Gomer was redeemed by Hosea we are redeemed by something even more valuable – Jesus’ shed blood on the cross.