Doing Good in Our Neighborhoods

As we grow up, we come to recognize more of what our parents sacrificed for us.  We come to appreciate our years at home more.  We become more grateful for our upbringing and the natural response is the desire to give back.  Gratefulness translates into giving back and doing good things with our lives.  This […]

A Godly Conclusion

God invited His people to return back to Him and wasn’t for nothing – He had planned to restore them.  The wise and discerning among us will walk in His ways and not lose sight of His faithful love towards us.

Rebelling Against the One Who Helps

God had extended His love to the Israelites and in spite of this they rebelled against Him.  They were guilty of breaking the covenant their ancestors made with God.  God was faithful in keeping His part of the covenant; the people were not.

Israel’s History of Deceit and Disobedience

In the midst of the dark prophecies of judgment Hosea calls the Israelite people to repentance.  They had wandered for far too long and God’s cry through Hosea is for them to return.

Love While Being Disappointed

Sometimes when we live a life that is opposed to God He gives us over to the consequences of a life lived in opposition to Him.  However, God still has deep love for His children.  He wants them to return back to Him and when His children turn back they can know that they will […]

God Welcomes You Back

When we come across a fantastic story we often think that’s too good to be true.  However, with God, the story really is that good!  When we return God will be found!

Rejected and Removed

God cares about how we worship and this is revealed in these chapters of Hosea.  Therefore, we can not say that all roads lead to God.  If all roads were to lead to Him then He would have let the Israelites pagan worship slide.  He does care and so judgment would be coming to them.

God’s Love Sometimes Requires Punishment

As God’s people were about to enter the Promised Land God made a covenant with them.  God had promised them the moon – if only they would keep their part of the covenant and remain faithful to the Lord.  700 years later and Hosea’s life and marriage to Gomer are a depiction of Israel’s unfaithfulness.  […]

Half-Hearted Repentance

When we witness God’s love we should be moved to respond in repentance.  He wants full repentance, not the half-hearted sort that is merely trying to get out of the pain of the consequences of sin.

Guilty of Not Knowing God

In a court of law would you be found guilty of knowing God or not knowing God?  In Hosea 4 God takes the Israelites to court to determine whether or not they actually knew who He was/is.  It was determined that they were guilty of not knowing Him.