Sunday, May 6, 2018

Service Projects

Thank you to all those who participated in ServeFest 2018!  Please check back for photos and CBC ServeFest 2019 information in the future!  

Choose any of these projects whether you are worshiping in Eldridge or DeWitt.  There will be time to get to the location to serve and back to Eldridge for lunch.

Nursery (Eldridge)

You will be ministering to infants while their parents are serving in the community.  You need to be an approved nursery worker.  4 volunteers needed.


Nursery (DeWitt)

You will be ministering to infants while their parents are serving in the community.  You need to be an approved nursery worker.  2 volunteers needed.


*Bless the City of Eldridge                                    

Spring cleaning trash pick-up along LeClaire Road, in the parks and downtown Eldridge. 

15 volunteers needed


Moonlight Chase Preparation (Eldridge)   

Assemble and label Moonlight Chase packets at the Chamber of Commerce.     

12 volunteers needed (adults only).                          


*Deliver Invites in DeWitt

Give out invites to church by going door to door in locations we have not yet visited.  No Limit


*Prayer Walking our Community (Eldridge)

Spend the morning praying throughout the community for the lost to be saved.  No limit.


*Share the Gospel                                    

Visit a neighbor, co-worker, park, or mall to share the Steps to Peace with God booklet.  Consider going in pairs.  Gospel tracts and Bibles will be available to use.  No limit.


*Central HS Gym Spiff-Up (DeWitt)

Clean the bleachers in preparation for graduation.  25 volunteers needed


*Clean Central Performing Arts Center (DeWitt)

Clean the 799 seats auditorium for graduation.   20 volunteers needed.


*Landscaping @ Hausbarn (DeWitt) Plant flowers around the iconic Hausbarn at Lincoln Park.  10 volunteers needed.

*Encourage Teachers/Admin/Staff (DeWitt)  Organize and tape goodies to Thank you cards to be distributed to all staff at the schools.  10 volunteers needed.

*Make Cookies for Maggie’s House (DeWitt)        

Make and deliver cookies to Maggie’s House staff and residents.  6 volunteers needed.


*Landscaping @ Ed White

Weed and mulch two flower beds at Ed White Elementary.  20 volunteers needed.

*Landscaping @ Neil Armstrong

Weed and mulch two flower beds at Neil Armstrong Elementary School.  6 volunteers needed.


*Landscaping @ John Glenn

Wash windows, weed and mulch flower beds at John Glenn Elementary School.  10 volunteers needed.


*Landscaping @ Alan Shepard

Trim bushes, plant flowers and weed and mulch 6 flower beds at Alan Shepard Elementary School.  12 volunteers needed.


*Landscaping @ the High School

Weed and mulch flower beds at the high school.  30 volunteers needed.


*Window Washing at the Junior High

Wash windows and police the grounds at the Junior High School.  10 volunteers needed.

Note:  *Asterisk denotes family friendly

If you are serving outside please bring rain gear.  We will serve rain or shine (except painting).  Please bring tools and gloves for outside work.

Find a Service project you like?

Please sign up in the foyer before you leave church.  If you are unable to sign up the next two Sundays, you can call or email Pastor Steffan 563.285.8080 or Pastor Mark 563.659.1474