Listed below are several ways to get connected and engage in discipleship at Cornerstone.  


Life Groups

Short Term Mission Trips


Women’s Ministry – Deana Trotter

Purpose: The Women’s Ministry exists to tend to the spiritual and emotional needs of women at Cornerstone and throughout the community through bible study, fellowship events and community outreach.

Men’s Ministry – Fred Ricaurte

Purpose: The men's ministry will meet for mutual encouragement and discussion about issues that are important for our spiritual growth as men.

Mentoring – Bucky Percuoco

Purpose: The Mentoring Ministry exists to disciple individual believers within the church body through mentoring relationships.

  • One on one discipleship relationships
  • Marriage Mentoring

To successfully navigate this life, most would agree that help from others is invaluable. No one comes to Christ and grows as a disciple apart from the help and influences of others. We all have life experiences and gifts God has given us to share with and receive from others. In creating community (Body of Christ), God intends to grow us up to the measure of the fullness of Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit and the gifts He’s given to each of us in His Body. Different stages in life present unique challenges. Being and/or having a trusted mentor that is uniquely gifted to help in times of need is truly a blessing from God. In fall 2018, Cornerstone will be offering an ABF course called “Mentoring 101: How to Be a Blessing.” Discover the mentor in you and how to minister your gifts to others. 


  • 101 Blueprint for Membership
  • 201 Blueprint for Maturity
  • 301 Blueprint for Ministry
  • 401 Blueprint for Missions
  • Financial Peace University

ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship)

Purpose: To develop mature Christ-like disciples through the study and application of God’s Word and to foster relationships among fellow believers. 

Study, application, and relationships – these are three core components of Cornerstone’s Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF). As the ABF purpose statement reads, we strive “to develop mature Christ-like disciples through the study and application of God’s word and to foster relationships among fellow believers.” To better fulfill this purpose, the Discipleship Team met last spring and set a goal of expanding the number of ABF courses offered throughout the year to include courses that focus on the application of Christian living to our daily lives.

To accommodate this goal, the ABF calendar was organized into three separate terms that include summer, fall, and spring terms. The summer ABFs continues to be made up of “elective-style” options. The fall and spring ABFs still comprise of the traditional Old Testament and New Testament “Walk Through the Bible” classes and will meet throughout the fall and spring terms. In addition to the OT and NT options, however, the fall and spring terms have been created to allow for the inclusion of short-term courses (eight to sixteen weeks) that focus on unique topics specific to the application of daily Christian-living.

A couple of the short-term courses have been offered and have received positive feedback. To continue building on this goal in the coming year, it will be imperative that that we seek and identify the various needs and interests of the church body so that we may further develop courses that support Christian growth through study, application, and relationships of the ABFs.

The Discipleship Team thanks those who have graciously given their time to develop course material and lead the ABFs over the past year. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Summer 2018 ABF – June 3rd through August 26th

ABF Course Title: ABF Leader

Old Testament – Walk Through the Bible: Stan Howell

Marriage On The Rock: John and Kim Hawley

Apologetics: Jeff Halterman, Rodrigo Quiroz, Steffan Nass, Shane Knoche

The Timothy Initiative: Bucky Percuoco


Fall ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) class electives will be starting on September 16th.

We encourage you join one of the class electives listed below. Let God grow you in the knowledge and wisdom of who He is and allow Him to draw you closer to Himself. Be blessed by the teaching, fellowship, and encouragement you will receive by engaging with other believers studying the Word of God!


DeWitt Campus

• Book of Matthew

Study the story of Jesus.: His life, His teachings through the different parables, & miracles He performed. Led by a team of instructors.


Eldridge Campus

• The Timothy Initiative

The fundamentals of becoming a disciple who, in turn, makes disciples who make disci-ples. Led by Pastor Scott in room 212.


• College and Young Adults

A course that is geared toward college age and young adults. This class will focus on topics that young adults are facing in today’s world. Led by Suzy Gainer in room 213.


• D6 Curriculum for Parents

This course that will take parents through the same curriculum that their children are studying in Sunday School and equip them with the necessary tools to be able to lead deeper spiritual discussions at home with their children. Led by Pastor Drew in room 214.


• New Testament Survey

Continuation of an in-depth study of the New Testament. Led by Larry Brewer in room 216.


• Old Testament Survey

Continuation of an in-depth study of the Old Testament. Led by Stan Howell in room 215.


• Mentoring

Mentoring for those who are seeking answers to more in depth questions in a small-er/quieter setting, more one on one environment. Led by Bucky Percuoco in the Church Library.


• The Good Book Study

For new believers to life-long Christians, The Good Book will cover the major themes of the Bible – at the center of which is God Himself. Led by Pastor Steffan in the Church Office Conference Room.


Please call the church office at 563-285-8080 or contact Pastor Steffan or Pastor Mark if you have any questions concerning any of the class electives listed.