Connecting with Christ to grow your relationship with Him through Discipleship and Service are two ways to help you to become a part of a loving and encouraging family at Cornerstone. 

We believe disciples are those who increasingly love and obey Jesus and grow most rapidly while in relationship with other disciples. 

Discipleship Purpose Team - “Educate” - Team Leader Shane Knoche

Mission: To encourage and enable spiritual growth in the body of Christ. 

Discipling - helping existing believers grow in their faith, with an emphasis on biblical knowledge, spiritual disciplines, engaging in serving others, and leading/encouraging others within the body of Christ

Disciple Makers - involved in discipling, but are also engaged in intentional evangelism, bringing lost people to Christ and leading them in relationships that result in reproduction of disciple makers.

This purpose team’s work falls mostly into discipling. However, as we continue to grow, we will also evolve into disciple makers. This intertwinement with the Evangelism Purpose Team will appear when Cornerstone expands God’s Kingdom. Can you imagine the power of believers who train disciples to make disciples who, on top of that, equip our kids with the necessities to defend their faith in a world of intellectual skepticism? It is an exciting time to be at Cornerstone!

To learn more about Discpleship at Cornerstone click here

If we're going to reach Scott & Clinton counties for Christ, it's going to take every single one of us who calls Cornerstone home  using our time and talents to make this the kind of place where anyone can look for Jesus and take a next step in their walk with God.  For more information on how you can serve click here.