For more info on the music ministry please contact Pastor Drew.

According to the Bible, singing and music are a required part of worship.  There is a strong Old Testament basis for music and singing and songs were very much part of the worship service in the New Testament church as well.  Philippians 2.5-11 and Colossians 1.15-20 are widely thought to have been musical passages that were inserted into Paul’s letters.

Singing is our duty and God calls us to make music to Him:
Psalm 81.1; 95.1; Ephesians 5.19; Colossians 3.16; James 5.13; I Corinthians 14.15

Examples of singing and music from Scripture:
I Samuel 10.5; II Samuel 6.5; I Chronicles 23.5; II Chronicles 7.6; Matthew 26.30; Revelation 5.9; Revelation 15.3

Examples of singing accompanied by an instrument:
II Chronicles 30.21; Job 21.12

Our philosophy on worship leadership from the stage is as follows:
Theologically sound–  Our music is to be theologically informed.  I particularly look for songs that are rich in theology, many of which are hymns (modern and old).  People do not walk out of the worship service singing the sermon, but they will walk out of the service singing the songs that connected with their hearts.

Artistic Integrity–  Music is an art form and as such there are specific judgments that have to be made concerning accessibility of music, appropriateness to the context, and quality of the “performance.”

Christian Character-  We uphold the standards of Christian character in the expression of all of our gifts for God’s glory.  We also recognize that we serve the Creator God, and that God is the sole object of our worship.

Community–  Ministering on the worship team is all about community and working together.  This is the first step (next to being a Christian) in leading.  Second, it is imperative that those involved in worship leadership are doing so as an act of service.  The task of the worship team is to serve the congregation by helping draw them into God’s presence.

Authenticity–  we lead from our hearts.  The new take is to call the team “lead worshippers.”  This new title refers to those who are on stage leading, yet emphasizes the primary goal of that person, worship of God.  Leading worship is more about worshipping than leading.  If we are not worshipping then the people are more likely to not worship also.  The congregation will usually follow the lead of those on the stage.