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Worship is about responding, with all that we are, to all that God has revealed Himself to be.  At Cornerstone we endeavor to give God all the glory that is due to His name.  Here are some parameters that help guide us in exalting the Lord.

Integrity of Worship

A hallmark of our worship has been the intentional non-manipulation during worship times.  We know that, at any given time, what is an expression of worship for one person may not be for another.  One may stand quietly in God’s presence, another may clap or lift their hands in praise to Him.  Our desire is that our worship be holy, pure, and pleasing to our Lord.  The worship leader will encourage biblical expressions of worship, but will not manipulate or coerce, for that would take away from the sincerity of the worship.  Integrity of lifestyle must also be lived out by those in worship leadership.  Intimacy with God and willful sin don’t mix.  Worship leaders are expected to spend consistent time in God’s presence and in accountable relationship with His Body, so as to be able to lead His people with clean hands and pure heart.

Intimacy of Worship
Expressing and receiving love is the essence of intimacy.  Therefore, our worship is filled with intimate songs of love and adoration.  Intimate expressions are often gentle and quiet, but you’ll find us also expressing our love to Jesus Christ in joy and celebration of who He is and all He has done for us.  The majority of our songs are addressed directly to the Lord, for how can one be intimate in “third person?”

Simplicity of Worship
We open our hearts honestly and transparently to God by expression of our love, honor and praise to Him, and then receive His impression of His love, direction, and words of encouragement to us.  We sing, clap, stand, kneel, lift our hands, wait, listen, speak – all as simple biblical ways of inclining our hearts toward our Lord.  We use music as the primary vehicle of worship, steering away from being performance-oriented, while at the same time having a worship team that provides music that the present generation of churched and unchurched (yet not excluding older generations) can relate to and enjoy, therefore coming into God’s presence without distraction.  Simplicity (versus complexity) is also desired in the lyrics and music of the songs we sing, for the express purpose of providing something people can take home – songs they can worship the Lord with throughout the week, personally, in small groups, youth groups and children’s ministry.  Worship that stops when we leave the corporate setting is contrary to our belief that worship needs to be our lifestyle, a daily reality in our lives.

Vulnerability of Worship
An outcome of intimacy is vulnerability.  We take off our “faces” before our loving Father.  We worship Him in honesty, brokenness, and repentance, letting Him see our pain.  We expose our sin to His light, and let our family in Christ know who we really are.  God’s presence is the safest place to do this.  Exposure before Him is not exposure at all because He knows us better than we know ourselves.  Authentic worship happens when we are first honest with God and honest with ourselves.  This leads us to be honest, open, and transparent with those around us.

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